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With more and more businesses turning to remote working, make sure you’re prepared.

How do small business owners use Grasshopper?

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can connect with patients

  • Welcome callers with an automated greeting that directs them to the right healthcare provider or department.
  • Patients with serious questions or concerns can connect directly to the on-call provider with incoming call management.
  • Private practices can streamline communications between multiple offices or clinics by using extensions.
  • Set custom schedules for on-call nurses and doctors.
Franchise Owners

Franchise owners can keep their business running smoothly

  • Stay connected as you juggle day-to-day operations.
  • Save time by using informational extensions to give business hours, provide directions, and answer FAQs.
  • Use call forwarding to direct calls to the best contact or department to handle their inquiry - saving time for everyone.
  • Connect with the local community by using a local number.
Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can stay connected from anywhere

  • Using a business number with a local area code shows you are familiar with your area’s real estate market.
  • Use multiple phone numbers with various local area codes - even if they all forward to you!
  • Extensions automatically route potential buyers to the information or agent they need.
  • Conveniently forward clients looking for specific listing information to the appropriate agent.
Consulting Professionals

Consultants can enhance client communications

  • Never miss out on a business opportunity, thanks to Grasshopper’s advanced list of features.
  • Set up multiple extensions to re-route calls to anyone’s device.
  • Voicemail transcription and texting let you stay on top of messages throughout the day.
  • Mobile and desktop apps allow you to switch between taking client calls from your desk or on the go.
  • When you miss a call from a prospective first-time client, instant response sends an automated and customizable text for you, so you don’t miss out new business when you’re unavailable.
Service Providers

Service industry professionals can keep customers top-of-mind

  • Respond to customer needs anytime, anywhere.
  • Extensions send customers directly to the right department or employee.
  • Highlight your company’s services by creating an easy-to-remember vanity number like 1-800-233-YOGA.
  • If you miss a first-time client call, instant response will automatically respond with important details via text message.
  • Remote workers can take their calls on the road with our mobile app.

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